‘jedem das seine’

Half an hour ago I deleted all posts of all Studio Job projects on my blog. The trigger was Gabrielle Kennedy from design.nl who wrote an article of a recent TV appearance of Job Smeets, the founder of Studio Job, which is not just embarrassing but also shocking in terms of ignorance.

I instantly watched the Dutch TV program and it’s really sad. How can he even dare to be pissed off that the Groniger Museum doesn’t want to present a tablecloth that is obviously inspired by concentration camp motifs. I mean, I would give you that, Job. One tablecloth is ok. Even of you says that it is justifiable in context of your work, which is bullshit, because I don’t see any context, which leads to another question: Where is the context of the copy of the Buchenwald concentration camp you are making for one of your dearest private collectors. Who is it? Geert Wilders? Sorry, I forgot, you don’t like to answer questions. You like avoiding them. You are obviously not thinking further than ‘nice patterns, think big and sell well’. You must be stupid. I am disappointed.

Note: One week later Gabrielle Kennedy and Design.nl were forced to delete the article from their website. Now you can find a new article on the website with the title ‘Job Smeets and the Holocaust’. It’s a reserved summary of the happenings and some statements from Job Smeets. At the end of the article you find this: ‘This article is a revised and updated version of last week’s Studio Job piece, which is no longer available.’ Now I am angry.

One thought on “‘jedem das seine’

  1. Nice, Matylda, You have right! Studio Job is one big bullshit, instead their modernist villa, but only because there are very nice icons of Dutch design. That`s it.