Istanbul: a novel of ancient and modern


OSMAN by NOMAN for Salon / Istanbul 2012 at Adahan Hotel

In October I took a trip to Istanbul together with the artistic director of Z33, aiming to see Joseph Grima’s show at the first Design Biennale of Turkey. I suddenly had many random encounters with old Dutch friends and also many unexpected cultural experiences that I will not forget so soon. During the day I had a look at what the Design Biennale and the city itself offers, in the evenings I went to see the people from Salon Amsterdam for Turkish food and Raki.


Old magic of Istanbul


Adhocracy, a show at the Galata Greek School curated by Domus editor Joseph Grima, my initial reason to come to Istanbul. See previous story here


Sometimes there is no real explanation


Embrace by Petrovsky & Ramone for Salon / Istanbul 2012


Detail of OSMAN by NOMAN for Salon / Istanbul 2012


Turkish rugs are ideally made of wool, knotted or woven by hand, often in complex designs


Cherish by Desiree Hammen for Salon Istanbul


Detail of Cherish by Desiree Hammen for Salon Istanbul


World of welcome by Irene Fortuyne for Salon Istanbul


Detail of World of welcome by Irene Fortuyne for Salon Istanbul


Reception for females at Suleymaniye Hamam, an historic Turkish bath in Istanbul, Turkey. Suleymaniye Hamam was built in 1557 by Turkish Ottoman chief arichtect architect Mimar Sinan


As much as an activity to catch some food, the night fishing seemed to be a social event. Groups of men would hang out for hours talking, smoking and casting.

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