designers open: wimbeldon of design for East Germany


Andreas Neubert & Jan Hartmann, founders of Designers Open

I spend 10 days in Leipzig because Miriam Hartwig and me were invited to host this year’s Designers Open dinner for all the participants. We did a Polish dinner called ‘Kolacja’ for about 220 people on Friday and used the last 2 days to sell everything from the event in our ‘Polski supermarket’.

Tomorrow I will leave the city and go back to Maastricht. It is probably the first time that I didn’t have time to have a proper look at all the exhibited design. Today I finally had some spare minutes but when I walked upstairs to the Hotel de Pologne, I just watched how people pack their projects. Next year I will be back and be on time!

Next to being the host of the dinner, I was also asked to become a member of the jury of the MDR Trend cafe design award. I choose ‘R2B2‘ by Christoph Thetard. The German designer came up with the idea to reduce private electric waste production. Nice design and good thinking.

the connecting passage between the Hotel de Pologne and Kretschmann’s Hof, the core of this year’s Designers Open

One thought on “designers open: wimbeldon of design for East Germany

  1. Wollte mich mal melden, jetzt als Dein persönlicher East-Germany Zeitzeuge. Ich hoffe mit Paul (oder so) ging alles noch gut. Grüße von Anna und LE