aram gallery: show me how you made it

‘prototypes and experiments’ (2nd edition) is the name of a current exhibition at london’s aram gallery the show features prototypes from various designers. there were also some drawings and sketches from the designs but unfortunately not so many than I expected. I mean, an exhibition called ‘prototypes and experiments’ should show more about the process of the design, shouldn’t it?



table lamp by tomas kral, 2008
cnc milled aggolomerated cork with hand blown glass



cassette table by fran santos and caterina fadda, 2006
mdf for the top and solid-wood planks for the base

see more here


mosh mosh lounger by georg baldele, 2004
shaped from a block pf paper mache and wrapped with several layers of brown craft paper strips


valet ‘vane’ by shin azumi, 2007
handcrafted walnut


raw chair by tomek rygalik, 2005
raw-hide leather

the chair was already shown at the 1st edition of the exhibition in 2008

2 thoughts on “aram gallery: show me how you made it

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  2. Hi! just a note for image + sketches of ‘cassette table':
    the designers names are Fran Santos & Caterina Fadda (not eadda). many thanks!