luxe paarden in actie: graduation show fine arts

the horses strike again. we’ve covered the wall inside the fine arts building with black plastic bags to arrange the exhibition as a whole. (now you have the link why I used plastic bags for the poster and the catalogue) 14 different artists are presenting their work, which is their graduation. it was a pleasure and sometimes a challenge to bring these people together but in the end we are proud that we had the chance to support them and to organize their last collective presentation at the academy maastricht.

2nd floor, ‘stuers’ (it’s how people call it) building

the luxe paarden in actie (‘luxury horses in action’)
office during the exhibition

jutta frenz
durchsicht, 00.02.00 min video, on the left side, 2007

ghita daemen
iso 7, installation, 2008

marie-claire krell
213,85 m3, installation (a fraction of the installation) 2008

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