luxe paarden in actie: preview 2nd edition

there is a 2nd luxe paarden in actie event coming up. after a sucessful exhibition at our appartment (in march) we decided to do the next in an off location (our neighbours are happy). between 22 and 23 may 2008 we are presenting an event of ‘personal space’. we decided to set up an event at the glass pavilion on top of the gulf gas station. the location is one of the first buildings people would see driving into maastricht. regarding the space we will provide the opportunity to socialise and to express creativity. join us tomorrow night! it’s one day before the kunstour. it would be a pleasure to host you! (the event starts at 7pm)

viaductweg 27
next to the A2 highway

luxe paarden in actie invitation

luxe paarden in actie poster

gas station
the location

the location

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