luxe paarden in actie: press release – event is in couple hours

I am so tired – it’s 3 am and we are still busy with arranging the event (to be honest, we started 3 days ago. everything is very spontanious but going well). but there is still some power left for a post:

the second edition is meant to give people the chance to experience maastricht’s hidden personality in a special public location. the social qualities of a living space are translated and rearranged. different personal furniture of different local households are merged together to perform the setting of the night while revealing their origin to the visitors.

we, miriam hartiwg and myself, decided to set up the event at the glass pavilion on top of the gulf gas station, next to the A2. the location is one of the first buildings people would see driving into maastricht. regarding the space we will provide the opportunity to socialise and to express creativity. In doing so, the visitor becomes a part of the event.

we welcome the guests, at the opening, 22 may 2008 at 7pm to be a part of the get-together and to enjoy the night with a perfect panorama view on the highway.

before: at 5 pm

luxe paarden in actie
after: at 10 pm

One thought on “luxe paarden in actie: press release – event is in couple hours

  1. En ik zou zeggen; Een erg geslaagde actie. Ben benieuwd naar de volgende!!

    ps: heb eventjes een ander mail adres bijgevoegd, misschien lukt het nu wel.