dutch design week: I am on my way


after 2 months in london I am back (not really back but just here again.. for a while, I guess ). with a little stopover at my parents in germany, I am on my to the dutch design week in eindhoven. Its the seventh edition of the largest design event in the netherlands. around 1500 designers from home and abroad will show their work in more than 50 locations all over the city. I will attend maarten baas party at the smalle haven tomorrow evening. so, see you there.. or give me a call and meet me somewhere else. lalala, matylda

rose etherington: dezeen blonde no.1

rose etherington is the assistant, co-editor and right hand woman of marcus fairs and rupinder boghal, founder of dezeen, online design and architecture magazine. together we have soup for lunch, chocolate for breakfast and champagne in the evening (at all the receiptions). If you google her name you find loads of design but no picture of herself.. till now! besides, I am the dezeen blonde no. 2.


hello ros(i)e

david adjaye: a pavilion


yeah, thesedays it’s very trendy to do a pop-up shop (temporay shops, showrooms – at that time people use to call it guerilla store but now it’s the pop-up shop) or to build a pavilion (like frank o.gehry did for the serpentine gallery). this is another in south bank in london.