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maastricht. gallery-showroom Editions. It’s one of the spots were it feels like home. You find yourself in a small, white room which is full of diffrent lamps. The illumination comes just from the exhibited works. A mix of famous and yet not known designers are to find here. But also other diffrent stuff which a designloving person appreciates. Chequita Nahar, gallery owner and Head of Department Jewelry & Product design Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, runs through the showroom and arranges everything. She does it with complete satisfaction. Like she would do it with her own work. When I asked here why she opened the gallery, she said:’ I want to show people what exist in design these days.’
Unfortunately the exhibition is over this sunday. But she is already working on a new one. We are looking forward to it!

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music history from the south of netherlands

Patrick Vogt started in 1982. He decided to collect all songs on vinyl which his brother had on tape. It was not easy, because all to often he not even had a tracklist. He got the tip to contact ‘disco patrick’. People said about him that he knows everything about disco, funk rap and bootlegs. He went to the guy and was stunned. He was able to name him every song he played including artist, date of publication and many more. He was sitting there, no special looks but a unbeatable dimension of music knowledge.
Three years ago they started to work on a book. A manifesto about the uncharted mysteries of disco acetates and bootleg vinyl medleys released between 1974 and 1986. 1500 editions are on sale. 1400 in standard and 100 limited – with a vinyl cover. Two guys from Limburg, south of the Netherlands, wrote a piece of music history. Patrick Vogt said to me: ‘The only thing which we haven’t done by ourself, is printing the book.’

patrick vogt | co-publisher

the bootleg guide

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new museum: stack the art

NY. The New Museum is open to the public since December 1, 2007. It is a home for contemporary art and an incubator for new ideas, as well as an architectural contribution to New York’s urban landscape. It is situated in the Bowery. Years ago it was the most exclusive street in New York. But that’s a long time ago. The last news were about the harbourage for the homeless and the soup kitchen: the boulevard of the fallen. And now you can find the institution of art on it. A place for adventure.
But the highest statement is the building. You can’t find any windows and it’s seems that somebody put seven boxes on top of each other. It is radical. It’s diffrent. Like a psychological experiment – I love it.

new museum new york

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another project of sanaa in essen, germany
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pons: how to flirt in dutch

An extract from ‘ PONS – last minute phrase book’ / Dutch.
Read it like a dialog and you will laugh.

You have beautiful eyes.
I like your smile.
I like your looks.
I like you.
I think you are amazing.
I love you!
Wanna marry me?
You wanna join me at the seaside?
I wanna sleep with you.
Maybe later.
No, it’s going too fast.
Actually I just wanna cuddle.
Hands off!
But only with condom.
Where can I buy some?
Do you like it?
Did you enjoy it?
It was wonderful.
Sex is not important.
Fuck off!