pons: how to flirt in dutch

An extract from ‘ PONS – last minute phrase book’ / Dutch.
Read it like a dialog and you will laugh.

You have beautiful eyes.
I like your smile.
I like your looks.
I like you.
I think you are amazing.
I love you!
Wanna marry me?
You wanna join me at the seaside?
I wanna sleep with you.
Maybe later.
No, it’s going too fast.
Actually I just wanna cuddle.
Hands off!
But only with condom.
Where can I buy some?
Do you like it?
Did you enjoy it?
It was wonderful.
Sex is not important.
Fuck off!


One thought on “pons: how to flirt in dutch

  1. Finally I can give some profound answers in Dutch. Too great! Thank you, you brightened my day…hehe