university brighton: workshops galore

In January I did a lecture at VAS – University of Brighton Visiting Artists Society. Craig Barrow rang me up and asked me if I would like to come to Brighton and talk about my work. I went to South of England and did a presentation about the people I met in the last three years and that influenced me in the choices I made. At the end I spend three days in Brighton. I saw the city, met the people and more important, had a close look at the facilities of the University of Brighton. Many thanks to Craig who gave me a hand with the captions for this post!

The Dean’s parking space is the coolest place to be seen at the University of Brighton.

Old drawings, photos and catalogues framed on the walls of the wood workshop. This one is from Habitat.

Metal work forge

Small test kilns used for ceramic test pieces and other experimental ideas.

Ceramic technical demonstrator Louisa Taylor‘s show at the V&A

Metalwork dome making tools.

Wooden spoon collection in the wood workshop office.

Banter in the plastics dept.

Remnants from the annual Christmas Pottery Party, where the ceramics studio is decked out, a sound system brought in and everyone has a huge party in the middle of the day.

Craig Barrow, best guide ever

GRP moulds hang from the plastics workshop ceiling.

Wood technicians office adorned with weird and wonderful wooden things.

Lathe plates and tree stumps.

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