Edition Populaire: a careful Swiss selection of objects

Patent Ochsner Kuebel

It has been a while since I visited Aleli Leal, Interior Stylist and Kaspar Fenkart, manager of the Sports Bar (also highly recommended) at their Edition Populaire store in Zurich, Switzerland. Today is National Switzerland day and that’s why I had to think of them.

Back then, in February this year, my collegaues from Depot Basel and me were hosting a little event called INSIGHT at Alte Waescherei and invited the couple to talk about themselves and their appreciation to carefully selected commodities.

Folding stool EP09

On their website that is just available in German, they stated: “Our suppliers are small and medium-sized manufacturers from Europe. Edition Populaire also means simplicity, the aesthetic is not an end in itself. In the selection of the products we decide strictly according to our principles and limit ourselves to a model.”

If you speak German, watch the INSIGHT presentation for Depot Basel of Aleli Leal and Kaspar Fenkart here.

Righi Licht

If you get the chance to pass by Zurich, visit their shop, otherwise you can order from their web-shop. I bought myself a rare selection of Swiss lightbulbs when I was there.

Kaspar Fenkart

Candlestick holder by Hanna Zoon

Open every Saturday from 11 am – 5pm. Web-shop is always open for business!

Hand Bostitch Klizia 97

Handbohrer – Gimlet

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