Tilmann Appel: There is nothing superfluous with Dieter Rams

Stapelprogramm 740

When you think about Dieter Rams, you instantly think about Braun consumer products – the shaver, the radio, the blender. Tilmann Appel rather thinks about furniture. Especially about the original furniture series of German design icon for VitsÅ“ from around the 1960’s. That’s why he presented ‘Möbel’ earlier this year, during summer, as you can tell by the shorts Tilmann Appel wears on the last picture. A selection of furniture systems with the clearest visual language and an universal approach we miss with designers these days. But that’s why we love Dieter so much.

Good design is innovative.
Good design makes a product useful.
Good design is aesthetic.
Good design makes a product understandable.
Good design is unobtrusive.
Good design is honest.
Good design is long-lasting.
Good design is thorough down to the last detail.
Good design is environmentally friendly.
Good design is as little design as possible.

Copyright Dieter Rams, amended March 2003 and October 2009

Sesselprogramm 620, 1962

Beisteltisch 621

Stuhlprogramm 862

Stapelprogramm 740 Tisch, 1973

The hight of the table can be modified by removing or adding individual dices

Stapelprogramm 740 Tisch

Stapelprogramm 740

Various publications about Dieter Rams, including Sophie Lovell‘s ‘Less and More’ and ‘As little Design as possible’

Exhibition view

Storage of Dieter Rams classics at Appel Design Gallery

Christoph Sagel, who took the photographs for the exhibition catalogue together with Tilmann Appel, owner of Appel Design Gallery

At night

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