paul derrez: the spoon lover


hey, paul derrez is a spoon lover ! on saturday I have been at the ihm trade fair (actually just for the talents 2008). also something I had to see in munich. I was hanging around in one of the halls and my friend, derya inanici, recognized paul derrez standing and talking with some people. I went there and asked him for an interview. paul was into the idea of a chat and we sat down on some stairs next to the toilets (…it really was crowded).

paul is a goldsmith with an own showroom. he is owner of the gallery ra in amsterdam which is one of the most known jewellery galleries of the world. paul established his ‘baby’ in 1976. since then he gives the avantgarde of jewellery a forum of distinctiveness. that’s at least what people say, you know. he is also author of the book ‘new directions in jewellery’. when paul works on his own trinket he favours silver and is in love with spoons (as you can see below), bowls and rattles.



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gallery ra, amsterdam:
verena sieber-fuchs | springli
16.02.08 – 19.03.08

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