object rotterdam: once upon a time there was a fair


Above: the three sons of Lucas Maassen, determined hard workers of Lucas Maassen & Sons , Thijme, Julian and Maris

Earlier this year, in begin of February, Object Rotterdam had their first showdown at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi), which recently became part of The New Institute (Het Institute), a collaboration between the NAI, Premsela and Virtueelplatform. Together they want to “stimulate and strengthen cultural innovation in the Netherlands by sharing knowledge”. I am curious what will come from this.

For now, I present you a very brief photo summary of what I found at Object Rotterdam, which was the first event in the collaboration. Some random images that spoke to me. Let’s say the penis ashtray was rather a ‘wtf’ moment than a moment of excitement and the Maassen boys were the real treat. And the Rotterdam station simply made me laugh for reminding me of thin foil. Does it also act as a complete barrier to light and oxygen?


Lucas Maassen & Sons


Presentation view of Lucas Maassen & Sons


Ceramics for plastics by Roos Gomperts


Learn to unlearn by Lina Marie Köppen


Lullen(asbak) by Maria Roosen


Latern like lamp at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art


The main station in Rotterdam looks like a giant aluminium foil tray

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