n222: kiss my ass


the chair has been already in use and broke his leg

I just arrived in Basel. I am here for the Design Miami/Basel and the Art Basel. My hosts for the week are Nika Rams, project managerin at SAM, swiss architecture museum, and her boyfriend Philipp Bilke, who works at architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron (being famous means no website these days).

The whole week is about Art and Design. When I entered my friends livingroom I saw the first piece. It’s a slide made of a chair and skis with 2 functions: sitting and sliding. The backside says ‘kiss my ass’. Obviously the piece made by achitecure and art collective n222 wants to be a winner. The collective consists of 4 people, Micky Damm, Phillipe Behrend, Michael Weichler and Philipp Bilke. 3 of them gave this one-off piece to Phillip for his birthday.

‘kiss my ass’

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