libby sellers: knows design* and isn’t afraid to write about it


London-based Libby Sellers wrote a book about the growing obsession of collecting contemporary design and the trend of creating personal histories around us. HSBC Private Bank commissioned the curator to write a book about the design collecting market, which was launched during this year’s Design Miami Basel. The title is: WHY WHAT HOW – Collecting Design in a Contemporary Market:

Why – why we collect and why we might collect design
What – what is design and also collectible design
How – a rough guide to maintain a design collection

The book is designed by Studio Frith and was available exclusively at the HSBC Lounge. According to the Press Preview the book will be available ‘to the wider public audience in 2011’. You have to wait till next year.

‘Working with an gallery is like breathing again’, says Ronan Bouroullec. The famous designer thinks the gallery system allows you to do research and to make pieces you are normally not able to do. You can take more risks and feel freer. Good point, Ronan. Libby collected (here is the word again) a lot of statements of people related to the design industry for the book.

After I picked up my personal copy at the HSBC Lounge, I asked Libby to sign the book for me. Somehow, I was collecting my personal memory in that moment. Possessing a signed copy of a book has a similar status of buying (does gifts count?) and collecting design, isn’t it?

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