las vegas: where is the sin city everbody is talking about?

there is this town in america where everbody wants to spend a night (at least the day) once in his lifetime. (I think tijuana, mexico, has more ambience) it’s in the middle of nowhere and is made up of one avenue, called ‘the strip’. (no, people are not naked on that street) the good part is that las vegas is the only city in the u.s.a where you can drink on public places, including the street. so, that’s what you see – a lot people walking around with beer and margaritas (you can buy them for 99¢). I spend 2 days at the venetian pool deck in the tao beach and observed people passing by. I was so bored that I was even thinking about marriage in one of this wedding chaples. just for fun – like britney does it.

las vegas 3is it christina, but where is britney?

las vegas 2he ordered a ‘candy’ in the evening because it was written: ‘totally nude – full service – to your room in 20 min or less – special 35$’

las vegashm..I choose my tattoos in a book at the tattoo studio and they are awful

lasvegas4jeans hotpans are trendy again (and pink highlights)

lasvegas7caught in the act

lasvegas8.jpg ‘your bikini would look great on my bedroom floor’

One thought on “las vegas: where is the sin city everbody is talking about?

  1. That´s what you are doing the whole day! Alright! hehe
    Watching other people passing by in swimwear. Should I be worried about you?

    Enjoy your time! Looking forward to more pictures!
    Fucking Kiss