YEAHHHHHHHHHHH. Matandme is back (almost)


Tonight I am probably the happiest person in the world. Around 7 pm I had some friends over for dinner. Daniel van Hauten, John Franzen, Steffen Kraska and I were chatting about usual stuff till I mentioned my frustration about the disappearance of matandme.

They came up with some ideas about how you could probably fix the problem and Steffen even said that he will have a look at the page… Now, about 3 hours later the blog is there again! Tomorrow a professional meant to have a look at the problem…

Maastricht-based Steffen Kraska is a 3rd year Fine Arts student. I just told him he shouldn’t become an artist, because the IT world is waiting for him. I mean, if they don’t wait, I do. I want him as my personal emergency technician.

Thank you, Steffen Kraska.

Hm.. I just tried to upload a picture, which isn’t possible., I am receiving this message: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at/k .. webseiten/wordpress/ … on line 342.. There is still some stuff to improve but at least the blog is back. YEAHHHHH.

pecha kucha: I didn’t hear the sound of conversation


last saturday I went to the global pecha kucha for haiti night in the university of westminster in london. I have been at some pecha kucha nights and have even done a presentation (see below) last year in maastricht, nl.

when you think about london you think about a big city where creativity and design happens. but on saturday I was slightly disappointed about the organisation of the event. It meant to be be one of the pecha kucha network cities taking part to raise support in haiti but maybe 70 people appeared. I am aware of the fact that they just had 2 weeks to prepare the event but I just was hoping for a better result.

some people told me that design journalist max fraser and dezeen-founder marcus fairs brought the first pecha kucha to london in 2005. apparently these nights were sold out, unpredictable and funny. I mean, the idea is to to meet, network, and show work in public, isn’t it?

a good and funny moment was the unexpected skype call from tokyo-based architects and pecha kucha founders mark dytham and astrid klein, who thanked everybody for supporting the architecture for humanity project. I just checked the website. $5,692.60 are raised so far from all cities and presentations. hurray!


mark dytham + astrid klein on skype

‘how blogging improved my life as a student’, june 2009