knock knock – who’s there? banana! banana who?

what’s the perfect banana? the brown one, the green one or the yellow one?! people like this fruit in a different way. I prefer a green banana because a brown pulpy banana made me throw up in my childhood. and now my life is affected by a paranoia. and how can people eat a fried banana (this one is even with ice cream ahhh)? you get these often in a chinese restaurant as a dessert. that gives me the creeps. anyway, I am in the mood of some banana topics because I found 2 pictures of bananas in my archive while I’ve been working on a new portfolio.

how to make a gun out of a banana? I am curios what kind of ammo I need for this one

here is the proof: bananas aren’t always curved

yo get what you see – banana juice – clever packaging from naoto fukasawa

the banana wall, an installation from stefan sagmeister – I never expected him to do something like this – but you never can tell

I was really fighting with myself about posting or not posting this, but I need to show it. obviously its a german invention (or a chinese one). and how can they write ‘ ideal for kindergarden, school..’ – I would never give that thing in the hand of my child. it looks so kinky it cries out for a reference in an ann summers or beate uhse catalogue.

banana bunker by erro ‘design’ – be ashamed when you carry this in your bag

One thought on “knock knock – who’s there? banana! banana who?

  1. Alleen een volwassene zou die vervolg trekking maken. Volgens mij denken kinderen helemaal niet zo ver na, maar het blijft een raar geval!