jaime hayon: this spanish guy is everywhere




jaime has designed shoes for camper

when I went to the established & sons breakfast I had the chance to ask jaime hayon, a spanish designer, to draw for me. he studied industrial design and started his individual career in 2004, after working as a researcher in fabrica, benetton’s communication research center in Italy.

jaime was presenting his new book, works by the gestalten verlag, which is like an encyclopaedia of his versatile work. he worked for different companies, like bisazza, metalarte and lladro, and I guess he could work for more.

the main thing why I like what he designs is that he wants to add value to life by creating fun objects. like a little boy who thinks that drawing a rabbit on the livingroom wall would make the people smile. how else could you have the ability to ‘play’ with plain material but with marvellous forms which tend to be giant, sometime. and how else could you publish portraits where you are wearing a pink bunny costume? wanna see? photo by nienke klunder, photographer and jaime’s girlfriend.

jaime’s book – jaime hayon works

jaime in a talk with lina from gestalten and minnia from established & sons

draw yourself


describe yourself in one word


he said that he is full of energy but sometimes like an old radio which plays the same ‘songs’

draw your favourite product


arne jacobsen, stelton ashtray

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