d[x]i: spanish magazine goes hysterical

2 months ago I got an email from a friend who wanted to write an essay about hysteria on design. he is from spain and also a designer. guillem ferran asked me to send him some informations about maxime ansiau, a dutch-french designer. he saw a picture of his work on matandme. I’ve send him all he needed and now his article is printed. he compilated different works of studio job, wok media, maarten baas, martino gamper, maxime ansiau, ted noten, atelier van lieshout and jerszy seymour.

yeah, guillem! but is there an english version? my spanish isn’t that good.

dxi magazine

dxi magazine

d[x]i is a quarterly publication devoted to creativity, visual culture and contemporary art making. you find subjects about industrial design, graphic design, interior design, photography, illustration, art, architecture as well as other cross-media disciplines. d[x]i is a 100% experimental platform which goes beyond the limits of editorial work, generating an independent environment in which different viewpoints of contemporary culture converge with up to date information.

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