hard but destructible

Maastricht. Netherlands. The Centre Céramique, the information- and communicationcentre, presents an exhibition over ‘fragile’ design. ‘Breekbare ideen’ shows ceramic products from different fields. So have a look on what is possible.

maxime_ansiau.jpgmaxime anssiau
skyscraper, 2006

ted noten
golden stacking, 2004

maria roosen
decorated toilet / flower, 1998

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One thought on “hard but destructible

  1. Hello Mati, (fiend of björn)

    nice page. I will visit a friend of mine in HH at the weekend 18 to 20 . He is artist .. sculptures and pictures. i do hava a few peaces from him here in my apartment. very interesting …


    In long term I will may make a projekt with him in HH.. I love the city.