elisa strozyk: veneer on blankets




MA graduate elisa strozyk graduated from central saint martins college of art and design with her wooden carpet project last year. after developing the idea of the wooden carpet, she needed about 2 weeks to hand and laser cut the geometric pieces before bonding it to a fabric backing. now she needs just 4 days to create one of the pieces.

this week berlin-based elisa is exhibiting her wooden object at the 3d contest, the young designers competition of the imm furniture fair in cologne which continues on sunday. elisa said that she can manipulate the material into several 3d shapes. this is simple, by it’s very nature the material naturally forms itself into geometric patterns and shapes.



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One thought on “elisa strozyk: veneer on blankets

  1. Ihre fabrics auf der Milano Mobile fand ich fantastisch.
    Grosses Kompliment!