last week, somewhere close to eindhoven: the baas estate experience

meet the people who are making the baas collection. a bunch of designers, freelancers, interns who gave me the feeling that they are in their own clubhouse. they are not going in for sports but for realising the work of maarten baas. about 12 people are working for him right now. and it’s not just about work, it’s also about creating a personal atmosphere. they eat, play and laugh together (I heard some good jokes while eating). In between I had the feeling that the sign in the kitchen (kleuterschool = kindergarden) has a point. solely because they seemed to be happy like I was in kindergarden and entertained myself with play dough to shape a house for my bunny family. (my mum is still speakig about this creative break through)


bas den herder and ‘peli’

alexander pelikan and the salmon

lunch for the pixies

erik vermeulen

erik and wieland vogel

the supervisor

the kindergarden sign

isn’t it obvious that they have fun?

as an exception: oh my god, it’s an ikea

a chair is the most important design object ever. and ikea is the world-famous furniture store. I love chairs but I don’t like ikea. I can’t understand that people want to live in the same interior like millions others. a rack called ‘lack’ and his buddy ‘lack’ desk are the only items I posses from the ‘DREAM KITCHENS FOR EVERYONE’ and ‘become your own interior designer with the help of the IKEA planner tools’ organisation. but since today I am in love with this royalblue folding chair. bought at the vintage store it cost me 1 euro. I guess it’s an classic because I can’t find it on the website.

the new occupant

christiaan postma: moving pick-up sticks

I am little bit into videos right now. at that into this clock. I’ve seen it during the design week (the official relaunch) at rosana orlandi‘s spazio in milan. christiaan postma is a dutch designer, based in stockholm. and why describe how it works when a video can exemplify it best.

this notebook contains a simple grid so that the user is able to create individual letters himself by filling in the lines. a hand written text contains a stronger emotion than a printed because its more personal, but a hand written text is not always the most presentable. with this notebook people are able to create personal notes in a presentable way with guidance from the grid.


100% design: 100% commercial

another trade fair of no importance. no importance to me. I’ve never been at a 100% rotterdam in the van nelle ontwerpfabriek before but now I know that I won’t come back. the fair adresses the target group of ‘people who have money left to pay for a chic interior’. and when I talk about chic I don’t include in the best of taste. I don’t wanna be a meanie, but I would like to see more innovative, experimental stuff. I’d really rather see work of students. I am maybe the biggest sympathiser of the ‘never make 2 products that are exactly the same’ idea. anyway I show you 4 examples of what I am talking about. they are all from my academy, because we were the only academy at this ‘great and worth to be there’ trade fair.


100% design umbrellas – london weather


dik scheepers – the cups travelled and the dents are tagged with the latitudes of the places they were


marco iannicelli – resolve the wear and tear without hiding it


fabian saenger – simple and old refined chair


fien de graf – before & after sweater


functional & inefficient – that makes me grin


give us more of the ‘professor look’


why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lie down –
big words on a couch ‘thing’ for the garden. finally they solved what I’ve been asking myself the hole life