100% design: 100% commercial

another trade fair of no importance. no importance to me. I’ve never been at a 100% rotterdam in the van nelle ontwerpfabriek before but now I know that I won’t come back. the fair adresses the target group of ‘people who have money left to pay for a chic interior’. and when I talk about chic I don’t include in the best of taste. I don’t wanna be a meanie, but I would like to see more innovative, experimental stuff. I’d really rather see work of students. I am maybe the biggest sympathiser of the ‘never make 2 products that are exactly the same’ idea. anyway I show you 4 examples of what I am talking about. they are all from my academy, because we were the only academy at this ‘great and worth to be there’ trade fair.


100% design umbrellas – london weather


dik scheepers – the cups travelled and the dents are tagged with the latitudes of the places they were


marco iannicelli – resolve the wear and tear without hiding it


fabian saenger – simple and old refined chair


fien de graf – before & after sweater


functional & inefficient – that makes me grin


give us more of the ‘professor look’


why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lie down –
big words on a couch ‘thing’ for the garden. finally they solved what I’ve been asking myself the hole life

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