2 days in dublin: irish, I guess

you think that you are going for a nice trip to dublin and it ends up to be a the most expensive, cold and wet weekend of your life. don’t get me wrong, dublin is a nice city but we were not prepared for all this. and I haven’t seen anything I really liked or anything that surprised me in the capital of ireland. but we had 1 great night out and 1 day at the sea. at least we spend the last night at the airport because our flight was at 5.30 am. I always wanted to sleep at starbucks – yeah


irish life – beer, umbrellas, walking around ‘almost naked’ in cold days (english people tend to do the same)


I liked the central post office in the city center


jack walking by julian opie, 2007 moving, digital installation


a wooden house in howth (13km from dublin) looks like a caravan


a deluxe spar supermarket – never seen this before

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