viktor & rolf: the kinglike puppeteers

maybe 3 months ago I was having a sandwich with a friend in a cafe in maastricht. when we left the building 2 man were passing us on the parking place. I starred at them but had no clue who they were. it was a common feeling that you already saw somebody once, not sure where from. then it came back to me: VIKTOR & ROLF !!! (unshaved, casual clothes) passed me on a ordinary sunday. I didn’t knew what to do. go back, talk to them was the first thought but my friend persuaded me that I wont see them the last time in my life so I did not went back. (I know, I am stupid)

now, being in london for couple days I had to see their exhibition in the barbican. its a 15-year career of viktor & rolf, the ones who convert fashion into fairy tales and theater. the centre of the retrospective is a doll’s house designed by siebe tettero . he is working a lot with the duo and also designed their office in amsterdam and their stores. I wish they would also play the music from their website, that would make the ‘cabinet of curiosities’ more to a cinderella story. unfortunetly it was forbidden to take pictures but I took a risk and shoot some anyway (not the best ones)

the doll’s house by tettero, presenting 54 porcelain dolls wearing a perfect miniature version of all the dresses in the exhibition
photo: dezeen

l’hiver de l’amour 1994
one of their first collections I would call it installation

bedtime story, 2005-06
tori amos playing the piano during the show

black light, 1999

upside-down store in milan by tettero

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