valentin loellmann & kaspar hamacher: couldn’t have made me a better gift


FW & Ausgebrannt in my bedroom

I turned 29 the other day. To my surprise two of my friends blew me away me with two very personal presents. Valentin Loellmann and Kaspar Hamacher, both working mainly with wood, gave me one of their recent pieces; Fall/Winter stool by Valentin and Ausgebrannt by Kaspar.

Valentin embossed ‘From Valentin for Matylda – 28th birthday’ on the side. He thought that I turned 28th instead of 29. I forgive him because my boyfriend thought the same and somehow both are just men, who are obviously terrible when it comes to counting. =)

Both pieces look similar in choice of material but different in use of form. Valentin’s Fall/Winter stool is made of hazel branches combined with an oak top. The dark parts are burned and treated with wax. Kaspar’s Ausgebrannt is made of oak. The bark is stripped of and the legs are created by fire that hollowed out parts of the trunk.

Kaspar, Valentin and me studied together in the Product Design department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht . I watched closely how they became the designers that they are now, which makes me proud to own these pieces. I have been telling them since a while that they should do an exhibition together because their close friendship and sometimes similar way of working would make a beautiful show. For now I have my private Kaspar and Valentin show at home but one day I will be maybe the person who presents their work somewhere.

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