sphinx maastricht: wash-basins, next to urinals

when you find yourself in the south of the netherlands and you talk about bathroom facilities you are automatically talking about sphinx. It is an important player in the european bathroom market, which is celebrating 175 years in business.

the amazing things is that you imagine hundreds of people working in the factory. especially because my experiences with ceramics are reduced to making some cups. I’ve expected that working with this fragile material is a primary manual work. but in fact there are just 15 employees in the rotating shifts. basically the hole production is accomplish by machinery. just the technical details and frequent observations are still done by humans.


sphinx factory inside – on the right is the massive oven
around 1000 sanitary arrangements are manufactured every day


toilet mould made of porous plastic material – its more expensive than plaster but can be used about 30.000 times


freshly moulded clay washbasin


air-dried, glazed toilets with a screenprinted logo
which are ready for baking


on the way into the oven – assembly line baking at 1200 degrees

One thought on “sphinx maastricht: wash-basins, next to urinals

  1. habe vor ca. 20 (!) Jahren ein Sphinx-Waschbecken gekauft. Sieht aus wie die Sphinx 360 Serie allerdings mit einer runden Handtuchstange, die am Becken jeweils 2 Schrauben rechts und links unten festgeschraubt wird und so rund um das Becken verläuft. Ich würde dieses Becken jetzt gerne wieder kaufen. Gibt es diese Serie mit Handtuchstange noch und wo kann ich es in meiner Gegend kaufen ? PLZ D 41379 Brüggen ? Würde mich über eine Info sehr freuen. Vielen Dank !!!!