‘product placement’ or the hunting after points

another academy year is almost over (next year, 2009, will be my graduation year) 2 months ago we had the assignment to exhibit one of our products somewhere in the city. unfortunatly I couldn’t make it to the date. my academic, krien clevis, told me that I can get my desired point if I post one of my products on matandme. I took this picture on sunday in the ainsi builing during an exhibition. the woman is my mum and the paperdog belongs to jens schumacher‘s graduation project. It was a fortunate coincidence.


concept sweater ‘hunsch’

(the name embodies the symbiosis of the german words hund (dog) and mensch (human). the basic idea is the ‘social irrelevance’ of the personification of dogs. the inspiration comes from paris hilton, protagonist of the dog accessory. the fabric is selfknitted and the choice of colour is based on all fashionable girls with their little doggies. yes, I am a little bit ironic again.

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