muji: the simple things and the total purness

international design competition by muji. entry period 1st july – 31th july. the 3rd muji award. a lot of japanese winners in edition 1 and 2. but what about the europeans? can we strike a goal? muji present an innocent idea which happen to be an innovation. the sock dilemma. discovery of czech grandmothers.


‘By expanding our viewpoints, we currently offer “Found MUJI” products, which were developed by discovering the good points about merchandise that has been used over long periods of time, were created by humans, and were born out of daily needs.
Take Comfortable 90 degree socks (Ashinari Chokkaku Kutsushita) as an example.We “found” that socks hand-knitted by Czech grandmothers were characterized by a 90-degree shape, which perfectly fits your feet. We tried them on and felt that they fit comfortably on our heels. We then discovered that the shape of the machine-produced socks we usually wear doesn’t fit our feet owing to manufacturing reasons. So then we realized that we could provide many people with comfortable 90 degree socks produced by machine. In this way, a factor found in Czech tradition, culture, and wisdom was converted to a new MUJI product befitting our modern age’.


last years winner:


downsize the towel with “further options” from a bath towel to a bath mat, and then to a floor cloth and dust cloth (my mum use to make a wiping cloth from everthing)

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