maarten de ceulaer: experiments with balloons



I will keep this entry short, because I am in Milan and I am lucky to have an internet connection. Maarten de Ceaular is a Belgian designer who I visited in his studio earlier this year. When I got offered a space in Milan during Design Week I asked Victor Hunt if he wants to use one of the rooms in the house. We had to choose what we will present but at the end the choise was easy, because we decided that Maarten´s new Ballon Bowls are perfect to accompany the Achille is watching us exhibition. If you want to find out more about Maarten come and meet him tomorrow and the opening at Via Laghetto, where he presents a special selectionm of bowls in the spacious cellar of the house.

The studio in Brussels

Ballon Bowl made of plaster

Some upcoming work

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Draw your favourite object

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