jason bruges: currently a panda fan



jason bruges is a london-based designer. since 2001 he has ran a studio with a team of designers and architects. the trained architect was always on my list of people to do a drawn interview with. when I went to the press preview of the brit insurance design awards in the designmuseum I had the luck to bump into him and his sister.

jason made an interactive installation called ‘panda eyes’ commissioned by wwf, world wildelife fund. basically the installation involves 100 panda money boxes which follow visitors with an insane stare. jason and his sister told me that the pandas were almost too heavy to turn over because they were filled up with money when they showed the project at selfridges to raise funds for wwf. now the project is up for the brit insurance design award. the category winners will be announced on 4th march.


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note: sorry for the shitty quality of the scans. since I am in london I do not have access to a good scanner anymore. : (

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