free culture in public space

Berlin. Germany. On my way to catch a subway I saw this.


In the alexanderplatz, in the hallway to the U2 and U8, you see this small ‘retrospective’ on salvador dali’s artwork. hmm, dali (again), you may say, matylda, get original. Wait a moment. It’s not that I am an admirer of surrealism or under heavy influence of “düsseldorf/münchen/maastricht” art conformity – I just like unusual ideas and here is one.

what I like about it: there is no one claiming this piece of work.
there is no indication of who did it. I haven’t seen a personal note, either. somebody just put dali’s work on this dirty, yellow construction site wall. it’s accessible for everybody.


the advert:
“dali – the exhibition. economy. smaller…. but for free! ‘dali has never been presented like this before!’, exclaims one of the private loaners of the exhibition in joy.”


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