F1 and the value of an adidas store

I am at the hockenheimring in germany right now. formula 1, baby. after the qualifying we drove back to our hotel in sinsheim and passed some villages. one of them was muehlhausen (seemed to be a 1 minute ride) fascinated by the billboards we had to have a look on the adidas store in town. good to know that life beyond a metropolis can be so easy and that interior design is a side effect.



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One thought on “F1 and the value of an adidas store

  1. Hello there,

    Nice webstie, bit strange, but nice. I would like to send you some pictures from Hockenheim. Remember, after the race with all your colleques. Okay well that’s it, maybe talk to you soon.

    xx. Paul Brouwer
    The guys from Holland with the camper!