nils holger moormann: ‘der berg ruft’

don’t we know the problems about backpacking. big rooms, dormitory bunks – it’s loud, it’s uncomfortable. of course you meet new, interesting people while traveling. but is that worth to stay another night?

isn’t that the perfect idyll?

nils holger moormann studied law but his curiosity for design made him start his own practice in 1982. he shows us simple forms and detailed solutions in his work and has been producing and selling work by young unknown designers ever since.

His new baby is an old historical building in aschau, bavaria. he is converting it into a hostel. and aschau is the place where you can also find his company. the project is called ‘berge’ – which is an deduction of the german word ‘herberge’ (hostel) and can be translated into ‘mountain’. Moormann wants to create a meetingpoint for creative people, a place where you want to stay. you will find there individual appartments with own kitchens, no tv – just a library with selected books. the interior will be, like moormann’s products are always described, modestly down-to-earth.

actually I didn’t wanted to promote his project in the way I did. but the fact that he is doing that without financial benefit and is investing so much, he proves that he is an entrepeneur who finishes what he starts. 3 rooms are already done. I am curious how it will be when the whole hostel is ready.




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