dik scheepers: mud lamp

dik scheepers is a product design student at the academy maastricht, netherlands. before he decided to become a designer he worked as chemical laboratory worker in amsterdam and as a fine mechanics toolmaker in leiden. both was not enough for him.

this is his mud lamp. a lamp made of sand, mud and recycled paper. the idea was to make a product that uses as little as possible energy in production and transport. and to make a product that fits into the current hype of ecodesign.



strijp x: an addition for eindhoven

strijp x is a new cross-over store in the industrial area of eindhoven. its a place where different creative disciplines melt together in a single location, an old industrial building.

check the strijp x website for more informations. see the video from designguide.tv for a proper view on the hole concept store. and if you think your work is worth to exhibit and can be sold contact them!


concrete animals by nacho carbonell


wire chaise lounge by dave keune

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designhuis: fragile part 1

before I ended up at the design in detail award I’ve visited the exhibition ‘glass’ at the designhuis in eindhoven.

the exhibition explores glass as a medium from a purely industrial approach to an autonomous design. the result is a display of beautiful pieces that range from functional objects to sculptural forms. I will show my favourites in 2 parts because they were to many.



blizzard bulbs by hella jongerius

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design in detail award: make it look good

last thursday. design in detail, an event in eindhoven, presented by design concept brainport, platform for design and technology.

the issue: how can a city be considered a design city when it’s appearance suggests it otherwise? ambition: revitalisation of the retailarea.

marie-josée lacroix, design commissioner of the city of montreal, was giving a speech at this event. she described the dramatic improvement of montreal’s image after the city had sponsored a design award. the awards purpose was to motivate designers and the retail industry to work together to make the city of montreal appear more attractive. the resulting concept aimed at improving city life. the goal of her speech was to discuss such an award as an idea for the city of eindhoven. I don’t think that a lot of people would disagree when I say that eindhoven is probably the shabbiest city in the netherlands. so, bring it on. It can’t do any harm.


location: witte dame haal


design in detail award 2009 – will it work?


ingrid van der wacht from design connection brainport

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adam paterson: cast your chair

interim show 2009, royal college of art, london:

this is a chair, a concept of making individual chairs, by industrial design engineering student adam paterson. the rca student wants to unite the consumer into the production experience. you are allowed to mix the ingredients for your chair and to appoint the form of your own chair.



pack contents:
1 x cleat 480 gauge polythene mold
1 x chair making experience