troika: ‘here comes the book’ – digital by design

wednesday evening I attended at the book launch of london-based multi-disciplinary art and design practice troika.

conny freyer, sebastien noel and eva rucki have found troika after their studies at the royal college of art. and now they have published a book about designers, artists and technologists who work on the filthy boarders between these 2 disciplines. the lucky ones at the launch could have bought the book for 23 pounds. what a bargain! and I have even heard some people calling the book the bible.



bless: carcanapé

I have been at the somerset house here in london. there is an exhibition called ‘wouldn’t it be nice… wishful thinking in art and design’, exploring the common ground between design and art. (ok.. another ‘what’s the difference between design and art’ expo, but isn’t that what creatives do these days. isn’t everything melting together?)

the carcanapé by design duo bless was my favourite. a leather couch in the shape of a car, filled with foam. in my opinion they could have called it ‘carnapé’..


comfort for all pit babes

london – back again

yeah, london. I kinda like this city. I am here since wednesday. I am enjoying myself and the people around me. some ‘blog able’ things are coming soon..



kalaman: from disco to disco

I choose for the titel because the german word for mirrow ball is ‘diskokugel’. that means ‘disco ball’.

robert lutz alias kalaman is a german artist from cologne. he was one of the other creatives who were exhibiting at the shopstop event last weekend in maastricht, netherlands. he is doing miscellaneous things with these little mirror pieces. what can I say.. I like the ‘disco ladder’.


berg & kather: distinctiveness in fashion

vera berg and petra kather are a fashion label. they launched berg & kather during their studies. vera graduated this year. petra in 2006. both at the academy maastricht. last weekend they were presenting their clothing at the shopstop shop in the old wyckerpoort shops in maastricht, netherlands.


vera berg and petra kather in their temporarily (just for that weekend) showroom in maastricht