yoeri treffers: the white myself


just got back from the dutch design week. on saturday I joined the press tour and went to the graduation galleries of the design academy. here is something from the man and well-being department:

yoeri treffers’ inflatable void, a blow-up space made of tyvek, comes in first. the ‘void’ is inflated within 20 seconds by a fan hanging from the ceiling. the fabric adapts to the surrounded objects and can be used in various rooms. basically it allows you to create your own private space, in any space.



yoeri treffers helps the man to get out

ddw: dutch show-off


this weekend is all about dutch design. I am going to eindhoven to spend some time with rose etherington from dezeen and robert andriessen from designguide.tv. a quote from robert: ‘we go for the freebies’. yes, we like the free nibbles and refreshments.


three yet one: what you see is what you get

london design festival

‘three yet one’ is an exhibition by london-based parallel projects. the idea was to show how the media affects our understanding of design. a writer and a photographer were invited to demonstrate the work from their personal point of view. the text and the image were displayed during the london design festival as an addition to the product.

this is a clever idea which dezeen shows in detail. I just present my usual suspects without showing the picture + text of the invited writer and a photographer.


table/bench/plinth by jonathan legge


cappello della luce by henny van nistelrooy


fast track light by oscar diaz


paper-pulp by debbie wijskamp