mark wigley: wrigley spearmint?

mark wigley


no, it’s wigley. mark wigley, well-established architect, author, dean of columbia university’s graduate school of architecture, ny and passionate speaker with a dry sense of humour. he is described as foremost architectural theorists and inventor of the deconstructivist architecture. mark is also co-founder of the volume magazine which goes beyond architecture’s definition of ‘making buildings’ and reaches out for global views on architecture and design.

unfortunatley he is one of the creatives who doesn’t like to draw.
I let him write.

How would you describe yourself?


What is your first notion in the morning?


What would you do if you wouldn’t be an architect?


|volume magazine|
|network fever – essay|

Mark Wigley’s essay of how network as a physical structure is in fact grounded by a slew of individuals who have contributed to how we understand networks today.

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