Once a year, during April, there is a showdown of design that takes place in Milan. Last year I curated a show called Achille is watching us with Marco Lorusso at Via Laghetto. Since this year the space belongs to an association called Ca’laghetto that my friend Marco belongs to. There will be a presentation Brussels-based gallery by Victor Hunt with Tom Price and Johannes Hemann, a marbeleske presentation by Ora Ito and THE FRONT ROOM, a presentation of new objects for the front room by me and Marco. We started to set up yesterday –

Via Laghetto 9/11

Marco Lorusso and Mimmo Calcagno are painting the panels for THE FRONT ROOM

THE FRONT ROOM door hangers

Miya Kondo, Rachel Griffin and Sabine Marcelis
– three of the designer of THE FRONT ROOM

THE FRONT ROOM is featured in the Connecting the Dots, Belgium is Design and the Designlink Poland publication. Thank you all.

Work by Daphna Laurens and Mieke Meijer

Tom Price is building up his Meltdown Swing

Marble chair by Ora Ito and sidetable by Fabian von Spreckelsen

Pressed wood and storm by Johannes Hemann

I wrote ‘behind the duomo’ on all printed matter for THE FRONT ROOM. I still think you can call the distance ‘behind the duomo’ don’t you think?

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