tomek rygalik: (studio) turned five the other day

‘A proud 5 year old’

Tomek Rygalik, who worked in NY for a while and then did a Masters degree at the RCA in London, opened a design practice exactly 5 years ago. That’s why, for the Łódź Design Festival, it was time to celebrate with a party, where everyone was invited and welcome to join the festive occasion.

Usually the studio operates in two locations. They have a tidy and clean office space in North Warszaw and the brick house workshop in Łódź, where they focus on specific prototype work. Tomek says it’s a project space devoted to experimentation. That’s where the party was last Saturday.

The guests were served Polish Wodka and homemade Sake by Tomek’s dad. The glasses were filled with alcohol on the second level and were let down by his wife in a wooden tray to the ground floor, where the dancing guests grabbed one of the drinks.

Whomus, an invention of Tomek’s brother, was the snack for the evening. The pots were attached on a white board and the crowd was dunking a stick with a piece of bread in the Houmous. Obviously any buisness stays in the family. Now I actually wonder what his mum does to contribute.

The team of Designalive, popular design news blog from Poland, also celebrated their one year existence. Ewa Trzcionka (editor in chief), Marcin Monka (editor), Bartek Witkowski (Art Direction) and Tomek were pouring the good old Polish Wodka for a ‘Nazdrowje’.

All outdoor furniture are the result of the “Prowizorka (engl. for ‘makeshift) open source” workshop before the party. The Trabant is owned by Ernest, one of Tomek Rygalik’s studio members. The practice consists of 7 people. Additionally they invite the Design students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warszaw, where he teaches since three years, to contribute to the workshop.

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