toegepast 17: young, creative and looking for a niche

Noortje de la Haye, graphic designer & collector

I had the pleasure to meet all participants of this year’s Toegepast (Dutch for ‘applied’) edition, a program by Belgian Designplatform Limburg that selects recent artistic graduates and supports them for one year in preparation for a joint and final exhibition with new projects. The coaches were Maison Caro together with Kaspar Hamacher. During the summer I visited each of them for an interview for the publications of the 17th edition. It was a journey through Belgium with a stop in Eindhoven and all sorts of impressions of what they do and how they work. The results are on show until February 2013 at Z33.

‘Collecthings’ is an homage of Noortje’s personal everyday objects. She presents them as collectors items

One of Noortje’s desk at her flat – sometimes she works in the livingroom, on other days she prefers to be in the bedroom

Eline Cautreels and Maarten De Beukelaer, artists & light catchers

‘Catching the Sunlight’ is a photography project where a scenario was positioned in front of photographic paper, allowing the sun to burn the silhouettes into the paper. No camera involved.

A selection of try-outs for a difficult and quite expensive process

Veerle Tytgat, textile designer & detective

‘Belicht’, is a research project that harvests the natural surrounding to explore how to manipulate fabrics

By folding the fabric, dying it and leaving it in the sun, patterns evolve

Makiko Shinoda, social designer & material saver

‘Playing with Senses: Perceptible Chess Game’ is a toy with a haptic sensation for all generations

Beeswax was the first material choice, because it is not difficult to form plus a special feel and smell

Jenny Stieglitz, illustrator & fantastic optimist

Above is a banner commissioned by City Hasselt. At Z33 you find ‘Time is Funny’, an installation of illustrations that suggests time-saving solutions.

While you work you water your plants and feed the cat which saves 30 seconds every day, almost 2 hours a year for the things you prefer doing

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