tobias schäfer: thrilling remarkable relationship with combinations of colour and shape


I met Tobias Schäfer in Basel at Laura Pregger‘s place, my colleague at Depot Basel, during the Basel’s annual design and art events in June. Laura and Tobias were exhibiting their work together at the newly opened DW1 gallery at the Rhein promenade. Tobias is a calm and open character, he wears a Russian ‘Back in USSR’ Raketa watch, likes mixed material, sculpture and bright colours. Despite a very brief encounter I had the feeling that I know Tobias. The trained stonemason who studies Fine Arts in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart in the class of John Bock and Joachim Fleischer started to make his first pieces of furniture and objects in 2009. Shortly after he began his education as a teacher. For the first occurrence of Depot Basel our team invited Tobias and 8 other designers to make the infrastructure for our silo. He is an incredibly sincere person and a focused creator of things with an unique sense for form. He was a perfect match for our project. Two days ago I got an email from him, where he told me that he quit his traineeship. I will quote him now:’I am free! Finally I can make things all day long’. How glad I am to hear this!

Tobias always wears this silver ring. It is a one of the pieces by creative collective Cooperation//Standard and Tobias is a member of them, being mainly responsible for the displays and the funriture

A mixed material display at the DW1

Crowdwalker at DW1

Verner Panton‘s chair & a sidetable by Tobias Schäfer at DW1

Dissquared box for Depot Basel

Carpet bench for Depot Basel

Clustered displays for Depot Basel

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