tina roeder: from monobloc to fendi


Berlin-based Tina Roeder presents ‘Credenza’, a precious piece of furniture which has a long flat top and file drawers, during the London Design Festival this year. Fumi Gallery and Fendi commissioned her and 3 other designers to create a piece for the ‘In Every Dream Home’, which opened this week.

Tina presented a similar piece already 2 years ago. But for Fendi he upgraded the grey cardboard and chrome-plated steel with Fendi leather. The pattern was inspired by the dogmatic architectural history of East-West Berlin. I recognise the source of inspiration after attending her birthday party last Saturday. She lives in one of Berlin’s monumental socialist boulevards.

This chair a piece of Tina’s last major projects. She perforated 33 white monobloc plastic chairs in order to give them a second life and make them unique pieces. The work title is “White Billion Chairs”. This monobloc chair is also exhibited at Fumi Gallery.

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