tina roeder: a litte gesture can mean the world


Gestures, a way to show someone that you were thinking of you. That’s exactly what happened to me when Tina Roeder came to the Achille is watching us opening that I curated with my friend Marco Lorusso. She entered the space, gave me a hug and a little package and said that I have done a good job and that she wants to say thank you. Tina was one of the people who supported the idea and me from the beginning.

‘TINA ROEDER’ is written inside

Now I have my very own Tina Roeder piece at home. It’s a porcelain sand formation from the series of three called ‘Happy porcelain. The one I received from lovely Tina is called ‘Happy girl’. Yes, I am a happy girl for getting this from you. Thank you, Tina!

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