the factory for fashion

Amsterdam. Netherlands. Yesterday was the last day of the Modefabriek, which calls itself the only real fashion trade fair in The Netherlands. You can find here everything what will be in sale for summer season 2008. Especially the commercial stuff. A lot to see – more to forget. Here’s my selection of things and people you should have seen.

| gio-goi | Exhibit one, the great facial expression of gio-gio.
I like the brand’s slogan:’ Those without vision will perish’ – the womens’ collection seems to be very much in style with amy winehouse, even too much so

| vasuma |
Two, the glasses by vasuma. Originally a Swedish rock band, now a company for design and sales. Damn, I want one of this glasses. But in purchase price, please … How can we still buy in a shop when we know how much good things could (should) cost, I wonder.

Pieter de Caluwé | his “Hanging Lamp” is Number 3.
you can hang your clothes on the lamp shade

Four, you should have meet toby paul | dj | amsterdam

Five, iris satijn | stylist and one sweetheart from the oopsadaisies (band from amsterdam)

Six, | charlotte wooning | – and her lovely and delicate jewellery!

Seven, an absolute must: james | 3 years old and meeting him was the best part of the day – he knows what to wear (or possibly his mother), too

| individuals | – ,a brand from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. It gives students the first insight into real fashion buisness – they are the creators of the collection. I wonder how many of “student brand” like this are out there. Do you know any ?

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