studio olgoj chorchoj: doesn’t want to grow up


Sam Jacob, curator and architect & Thomas Geisler, co-founder of the Vienna Design Week at the Liechtenstein Museum

Prague-based Studio Olgoj Chorchoj were one of the commissioned designers for the ‘Barock Splendour and Stainless Steel’ exhibition at the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna. The installations focuses on the dining culture.

Michal FronÄ›k and Jan NÄ›meček from the studio decided to take the theme very literally. They set up a dinner situation for giants like in an Alice in Wonderland story. There are two oversized chairs with an oversized table. On the table are two large glasses of wine, a decanter and a giant pipe accompanied by a giant box of matches …

The show can be viewed until November 9th in the Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna and is part of the Vienna Design Week, which is in its 4th year.

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