stephan siepermann: playful superman



eating pancakes in front of the studio (we know whats good)

on my way back from amsterdam I made a little stopover in utrecht (in my opinion the most beautiful city of the netherlands) and visited stephan siepermann in his studio. he studied at the design academy in eindhoven and graduated in 2005. since then he is working on his furniture and his lamps and he would never do something which doesn’t work and make any sense. high scores for functionality! but his designs need to have a link in the name like his duct’ chairs which are made of duct tape. just to make clear what kind of material he used. maybe because people should know what they buy. yes, stephan is as honest as his designs – a laid-back ex-wuppertaler (a city in west germany where he was born) who is satisfied when he gets the chance to go fishing with his fellas and who is all the while playing drums in a band. and for me he is superman because I understood ‘superman’ and not ‘siepermann’ when he introduced himself on a party in cologne. that’s where we met the first time, at the furniture fair in cologne in the begin of the year.

inside the studio

ript’ chairs and accicantelly candleholder

‘design is just a hobby’ – a stephan siepermann statement in 2008

draw yourself

stephan use to steal all hammers from a building site at his parents home when he was a kid

describe yourself in one word


draw your favourite product

his boat

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